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Bodet & Horst China


Welcome to the website of “Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.”.
Bodet & Horst is the world leading producer of knitted mattress ticking and cover materials for international mattress industry, with total 4 production sites in Europe and also in China, Bodet & Horst is able to provide the products for international mattress industry as follows:

• Mattress fabrics

Upon customers’ specifications ad own assortments we provide the entire range of knitted ticking, jacquard velour, non-skit, as well as 3D space fabrics.

• Ticks

Provide also finished mattress covers and tricot inner socks upon customers’ requests.

• Accessory Service

Zippers, other accessories, including climate belts, non-skit etc..




Bodet & Horst company founded in 1961 in Germany, is an international company with production facilities in 4 different countries and headquarter located in Germany.

Bodet & Horst is the leading specialist of knitted mattress ticking, warp knitted 3D fabrics, as well as the market leader of production and supply for bed cover materials.

Building on own rich experience, expertise and total quality control system, Bodet & Horst has been developing constantly for innovative products and added value for it’s customers.

Our Company in China

Through a local agent company Bodet & Horst introduced German-made mattress fabrics into the China market since 2005.

“Bodet & Horst Textile (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.” was established in Jiaxing, China in 2009. This is the first production facility invested by Bodet & Horst Group in China, specializes in mattress ticking production for covering China and Asia markets.

“Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.” Strictly abides by German quality control system, imported all the knitting machines from Germany and Japan, including spare parts, needles, electronic parts as well as knitting oil. Due to the imported advanced equipment and strict quality control, we could tremendously reduce the knitting faults during the knitting process, therefore, the less-fault ticking result saves a lot of production losses in the final mattress quilting process in mattress companies.

Bodet & Horst China always keeps very close contact with the leading textile research institutes, design teams, raw material suppliers, top level machine makers as well as chemical agent companies worldwide. In order to continuously develop new products for customers, Bodet & Horst China utilizes the newest raw materials, advanced textile knitting technology, unique pattern designs and special finishing treatments.


Products include: latest cylinder/dial both electronic jacquard, high elastic fabrics, fine gauge, jacquard velour, non-skit, 3D materials.

We deliver to a lot of famous mattress brands such as: Serta, Sealy, Kingkoil, De Rucci, Memos, Sea Horse etc..

We always insist on our craftsman’s spirit for constantly improving and perfecting our products, in order to be one of the most outstanding ticking suppliers in the world.


Bodet & Horst China provides not only high quality mattress fabrics, but also provides the individual service for different customers upon the special requests as follows:


Medicott, Medicott Silver, Checkpoint, Sleepfresh, Aegis, Greenfirst, Bionic finish eco, Sanitized, Silverguard, Ruco-Bac ZPY


Tencel, Green Cotton, Cashmere, Silk, Linen, Mohair, Vicuna, Alpaca, Angora, Lenzing Modal, Cottanic, Bambootex


Coolmax, Celliant, BodyFlux, UHMWHE Icy yarn, Tempsafe, Thermic, Dri-release, Fresh Dreams, Fragrances, Simply Dry, Aloe Vera, Cashmere, Jojoba Vital, silk


Airknit, Pressless


Bielastic, Comfort streeetch, Gel Streeetch, Stressfree。


Prisma Collection, Royal Knitted Damask Collection, Lenzing FR, Microfibres, Modacryl, Siro Compact PES, Siro Compact Viscose, Vortex PES, Vortex Viscose.


Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd.
Building No.15, He Ping Lu Standard Factory Premises of
Jiaxing Economic Development Zone,
No.688, He Ping Jie, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China

Tel: +86 573 8220 3082
Fax: +86 573 8220 3092


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